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In discussion with a friend in another forum, the subject of entrepreneurship came up.

The friend likened entrepreneurship to the lottery, and I can certainly understand that point of view.

However, I see entrepreneurship as a team effort which is a process that gathers momentum over time as the participants invest thought at first, and then a bit of effort, and finally resources.

discuss.the-knowledge.org forum is a gathering place for talent, and potentially for capability.

Begin Quotation from discussion elsewhere:
My hope is that Dr. Dartnell is attracting some of the brightest, most capable persons alive on Earth today, so that (at some point) a critical mass will occur, and all the discussion can convert overnight into a project with a reasonable chance of fruition.
End Quotation.

In his interview on The Space Show, Dr. Dartnell pushed back against the popular fictional image of a single multi-talented individual surviving a disaster against all odds. He asserted and supported the view that it takes a group of people working together to achieve civilization on the large scale, or something more modest in the near term.

May every member of The Knowledge forum grow financially, intellectually, socially and beyond.
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Re: Talent

Postby Billy » Wed Sep 02, 2015 2:39 am

I agree with Doc.

No-one can know everything, but everyone knows something.

Just like trying to go it alone during a Failure of Civility, odds are, you'll fail. Tribe up. Kith and kin. The most useful, resourceful, the brightest and toughest people you can find, and set them to task.

The leader of such a group will pretty much have to be a natural Alpha. Not necessarily the best warrior, but the guy who consistently makes sound decisions, can keep a group of folks from tearing each other apart, leads by example and plays to the strengths of others, by which I mean recognizing talent and then putting that talent in the best possible position to be exploited (not "exploited" in the bad sense...). The kind of guy who would set aside ego and differences to place a rival - or just someone he detested - in the right position if that guy were the only one capable of doing that job or was the best choice for it.
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