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20150901 Initiative to Contact Active Members

PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:53 pm
by tahanson43206
In the next few days, an initiative to contact members of the Knowledge Forum who have posted at least one message will begin.

The mechanism planned is the private email feature, to avoid cluttering the public message board with administrative traffic.

My hope is that members who are interested in building the Forum will activate all the settings that are defaulted to OFF, as will be explained in the contact message.

The result of the default settings is that no one is notified of anything that happens in the forum. This is unfortunate, but we can overcome this software design feature by individually turning ON the features that are currently OFF.

However, just turning ON the forum features is NOT sufficient. In order for this (or any) forum to succeed, the members much derive benefits from investing time and thought.

The nature of those benefits will vary with each person, but the overall mission of the forum (presumably) has something to do with helping the human race to survive a perilous moment in our history, AND to prepare in a meaningful way for disaster. Preparation for disaster should be (in my opinion) part of the mental portfolio of every citizen. The difference with THIS forum is the unusual positive tone provided by its sponsor.

Each member called to this enterprise will have the opportunity to take CONCRETE action over a period of time to help to improve everyone's situation.


Re: 20150901 Initiative to Contact: Update 20150902

PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:09 pm
by tahanson43206
Thanks to everyone who has responded to the private email from maurice goldsmith.

Please be patient! It would be difficult for Maurice to reply to everyone.

I have suggested to Maurice that he include the ID's of each person in the groups of five he is writing.

Then, if you are willing, you might reach out to the other members of your group to see if you have some interests in common.

Please (everyone) ... keep in mind that you are granted a "license" to post on the forum by Dr. Dartnell.

When I approached Dr. Dartnell about the forum, he revealed that it had not "taken off". I undertook an effort to try to bring the forum back to life.

Messages that are full of gloom and doom and NOT helpful! What I am looking for are testimonials of accomplishment.

Maurice just posted remarkable sets of images of his recent visits to historical facilities for creating fabric.

Can someone take on the task of recreating those machines and techniques, and posting progress?

At the same time, while the inventiveness of our ancestors is remarkable and impressive, I do NOT think we are bound to recreate the path they took.

For one thing, NONE of the techniques developed over thousands of years for making thread have any practical significance for a colony on Mars or the Moon.

The Knowledge Forum, while addressing the current vulnerability of our (somewhat advanced) civilization, is also well positioned to assist with development of practices that will work well for future residents of communities off Earth.

Thus, I will be looking for ways to make artificial thread, so that the entire phase of growing plants (or insects) to make thread can be eliminatd.

3D Printing shows a possible way forward, since "threads" of hot plastic are extruded in sizes comparable to existing thread.

Such extruded thread probably already exists in nylon.

For recreation of a fabric industry, whether on Earth in a remote or isolated location, or away from Earth, it would be helpful to document and build working examples of systems of machines able to create small quantities of fabric.

The Knowledge Forum is also (potentially) a place where entire new industries can be envisioned and described, and gradually brought into being.

A positive attitude is essential for the rebirth of the forum to succeed.

Since Dr. Dartnell is NOT supervising editorial content of postings, it is up to each person who contributes to think carefully of the effect of his (or her) words on others.

Will the posting encourage others to feel good about themselves, and inspired to contribute in turn?


Re: 20150901 Initiative to Contact Active Members: update

PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:27 pm
by tahanson43206
The day-by-day process of sending email to all the "registered members" in the forum database reached record #68 today.

Most of the "members" appear to be robot generated memberships, but one or two (apparently) "real people" are in the mix.

Hopefully the number of "real people" will pick up when this process moves past the initial flurry of robot generated memberships.

In other news ... a member send me a link to a topic on a forum related topic by private email.

I am happy to post such material for anyone who would prefer to remain behind the scenes, up to a point.

If that is what it takes to put this forum on a solid footing, so be it.

The concept of developing this forum as a community of "authors" depends upon the discipline of composing a relevant message every week. It is proving more challenging to maintain this schedule than I had originally supposed. The "traditional" motivation framework is not present, so contributors who are willing to keep up this schedule will be revealed by their body of work.


Re: 20150901 Initiative to Contact Active Members: End

PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 2:29 pm
by tahanson43206
The day-by-day campaign to contact registered members by private mail came to an end today.

The total of "members" "contacted" is 76.

The computer generated memberships were wearing me down, but the realization finally hit me that when I use my own IP address to test the web sites listed in the membership table, I am leaving the IP address at the target web site. The web site for "wrvaxnb" appears to be some sort of porn site in Russia. I don't need any more hacking activity than already pounds on the door here.

My conclusion is that the best procedure is to close out all accounts, and invite everyone to re-apply for membership.

However, THIS time, every application should be reviewed for authenticity (a real person) and for contribution potential.

It takes sustained effort to maintain a useful contribution to any forum, and (it would appear) very few people have the time, energy and motivation to do so.

The people who have the time, energy and motivation to make a regular contribution can be seen in the "View active topics" list.

Perhaps the number of names that appear in that list will increase over time.


Re: 20150901 Initiative to Contact Active Members

PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 12:43 pm
by germanforestgump
Many Thanks to You, Tom, for this REALLY BIG EFFORT You made to take the membership of this forum under a review and try to reactivate engaged peoples!
The weak response on Your effort should be seen as a chance:
We have it now in our hands where to spread the information about this forum and get the attention of really constructive peoples!