The garage venture

The garage venture

Postby Kiryi » Sun Jul 10, 2016 1:52 pm

I got interested in this subject after reading a few mediocre books and looking at worse movies describing the rebuilding of civilization. The solution for saving “The Knowledge” is not simple and the stories provided by the media are just… nice (romantic) stories. I majored in electronics, chemistry, business administration and love…woodcrafting. You know working with gauges and chisels. That’s how I found out to pay respect to the previous generations. With a few hand tools they could make the finest furniture. I can’t! (yet…)

My problem is to understand how things clicked into place. Was it logic, serendipity or both? What where the constraints that pushed the inventors? In fact you don’t need to read science fiction, the story of what-really-happened is more than astonishing all by itself.

We have a solution for rebuilding society by making use of the garage ventures. In the US alone, there must be 1.5 million garage DIY’s (have to look up the exact number…). What is their solution? Read the (rather lengthy) article “A Garage and an Idea: WHAT MORE DOES AN ENTREPRENEUR NEED?” by the authors Pino G. Audia and Christopher I. Rider, ... %20CMR.pdf.
Their message is: “entrepreneurship, including the inspirational generation of innovative ideas, old-fashioned hard work and American ingenuity, bootstrapping resources to chase a dream, a rejection of the status quo, and the freedom of working for oneself.”
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