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'Global Catastrophic Risks'

PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2017 9:47 pm
by spike.222
Haydn Belfield, an academic project manager at CSER, told Business Insider that he and his peers are looking at risks associated with artificial intelligence, biotechnology, the environment, and to a lesser degree, natural risks.
• Asteroid hitting Earth
• Supervolcano (Type of risk: Natural)
• Solar flares (Type of risk: Natural)
• Catastrophic climate change (Type of risk: Environmental)
• Ecosystem collapse (Type of risk: Environmental)
• Geoengineering accident (Type of risk: Environmental)
• Nuclear winter (Type of risk: Environmental)
• Natural pandemic (Type of risk: Biotech)
• Genetically engineered pandemic (Type of risk: Biotech)
• Genetically engineered crop or livestock disease (Type of risk: Biotech)
• Non-beneficial 'narrow' AI (Type of risk: Artificial intelligence)
• Non-beneficial superintelligence (Type of risk: Artificial intelligence)
• Unknowns (Type of risk: Everything)