Toxic Food

Toxic Food

Postby Maurice Goldsmith » Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:05 pm

I've been aware for some time just how much chronic illness there is in the UK, but not known what's been causing it. I read some stats recently that if you include things like obesity and mental health issues along with the things we normally think of as chronic illness, such as diabetes and high BP, then in America it's affecting about 50% of the population, and European countries are not far behind. However, before you run away with the idea that it's all caused by sitting on sofas, watching TV and eating doughnuts, how does that explain the fact that an epidemic of diabetes is afflicting sub-Saharan Africa? With levels of illness like this, is it any wonder that health services are crumbling and economies stagnating?

I've long suspected that there was an environmental factor at work, and that "blaming the patient" for their lifestyle choices is just lazy thinking. I had to start looking at this because I developed what seemed like a chronic illness myself, lazily diagnosed as arthritis by various medically trained people. To me it felt more like the affects of a neurotoxin, so great was the pain I experienced, and that turns out to be correct. I'm not going to give the full story here, but I've written an introduction to it in an article on one of my websites:, and for those that want the full details I've been writing other articles here: The story is by no means complete, but I think there's enough here to demonstrate that there's a link between chronic illness and the food we're eating.

There's got to be a tipping point beyond which so many of us are ill that civilisation collapses. To all of you who don't want to join that number, I strongly recommend looking at what you're eating - for me that means I can't eat anything from a supermarket except the small amount that's certified organic.
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