Pre-apocalypse training films

Pre-apocalypse training films

Postby phred » Wed Dec 31, 2014 7:27 pm

While nothing beats getting out there and actually doing it -- instead of just reading about it -- there are several television series I feel are worth watching. From the BBC: The Victorian Farm, The Georgian Farm, Tales From the Green Valley, The Wartime Farm and one other. Most are on YouTube.

From a separate producer is a somewhat fanciful series titled "The Colony". Both seasons one & two are worth watching; the soundtrack is terrible.

From PBS "Frontier House"
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Re: Pre-apocalypse training films

Postby germanforestgump » Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:19 am

Hello phred, i agree 100% with your first sentence!

But "viewing" Farm work in TV is not very more closer to "doing" in reality than "reading", because all TV-series are more or less "scripted".
Casting some people and putting them into a Farm simulation is a completely other thing than earning the Live of the own family by real Farm work.

Specially agriculture is far more than handcraft or industrial work a very holistic and intuitive management of an individual superorganism, evolving in time rythms embedded in a specific natural biotop and economic and cultural relations.

You will never find only two similar Farms on the whole world.
And a modern Farm after a civilisation-crash will not be similar to the Farm at the same place in the middle-age or after the war.

The best theoretical education can not replace the experience of an old Farmer on his individual Farm.
"Listen" to him is at least so important as "viewing" and "reading".

You will never learn to milk a cow by viewing - you have to put your hands on it.
But to understand the needs, risks and dynamics of a cow herd in the specific environment, it takes years.

Films may give a little impression of how many topics to learn about.
But better than scripted series with casted characters are documentary films made by authentic Farmers who earn their lives by farming.
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Re: Pre-apocalypse training films

Postby phred » Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:03 pm

Even scripted films are useful for city folk that can't visualize from what they read. Besides, most of your "old farmers" will have died off from lack of medical care for the elderly
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