Bunker Down or Bug Out?

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Postby Dave Z » Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:51 pm

Here's a link to my full thoughts on this issue:


In brief, my partner and I are more bug out than in. But a better description is present infinitive; bugged out.

The main problem with hunkering down (bug in), as I see it, is that someday we'll have run through stores, we have to crawl out of our shelter and start fending for ourselves. Then we'll be way behind in the learning curve for new conditions, and others well ahead.

The main problem with bugging out is that one has to survive a transition to somewhere, then survive somewhere. The first is risky, no matter how well prepared, while the latter takes deep skills, hard to acquire on short notice or under stress. Given any choice at all, this would not be mine.

In either case, the longer term solution converges on foraging and living skills in some region. A full collapse means no recovery. Long term survival depends on feeding and sheltering ourselves for life.

What we've done.

Bugged out on a sailboat (mobile platform with indefinite range) in a low-population region with good foraging ('Inside Passage', Pacific NorthWest, USA/Canada). Learning skills and assess, address, amend our approach as we live it.

It's a great life we would have chosen anyway, cheap, healthy and, when SHTF, we're already here.

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