20151129 Ultimate Bunker: nuclear power on/off Earth

20151129 Ultimate Bunker: nuclear power on/off Earth

Postby tahanson43206 » Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:18 pm

This is a starting point for a new thread which I hope at least one (other) person will find of interest.

In years past, and even today, it is possible for a family (or a hardy individual) to set up shop in a remote region such as Alaska, where it is possible to live without dependence upon the rest of the world, aside from whatever tools and initial supplies were brought along.

Success depends upon ample supplies of clean water, game, space for crops and adequate sunshine with agreeable temperatures, materials for shelter and other needs.

Going forward, and especially as we humans prepare for life off-Earth, I can see glimmers of systems coming into being suitable for incorporation into a self-contained habitat able to provide everything that the Alaskan homestead would provide today.

The key is an adequate supply of power, and developments of small fission reactors are promising. Small fusion reactors will permit the concept to take off, but planning can certainly begin with fission reactors.

Nuclear submarines provide a model, but these are (not yet) able to operate permanently away from their home port. A reasonable extension of the existing nuclear submarine is to add a hydroponics facility to grow fresh produce.

A bunker, on the other hand, would not be mobile, and space would be carved out of the material of a planet like Earth, or a Moon, so the volume enclosed would be limited only by time, the capacity of the power plant, and the ingenuity of the crew.

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Re: 20151129 Ultimate Bunker: nuclear power on/off Earth

Postby Strongbow » Sat May 28, 2016 9:50 am

I agree. I've often thought the same. A nuclear sub and other similar vehicles/modules based on its design seems to be a proven successful idea, which has proven the test of time. I thought the future of a long term vehicle above or below the sea would have to include a growing cycle and a method of harvesting food from the sea itself. A vehicle in space would have to be the same, but until methods were advanced, would have to be vegan based :shock:
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