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Selco's SHTF School

I just ran across, a site discussing urban survival. Follow the ABOUT link for public access posts organized by category. In my opinion, it ranks among the best survival oriented resources available on-line.

The prime author, Selco, survived a harrowing year of deep urban collapse as a civilian among civilians enduring the Bosnian War.

He has distilled and assembled the observations and lessons from his experiences others' benefit. Importantly, he writes movingly of the human impact of survival on those who manage.

To my mind, his is an informed, first hand perspective, to my knowledge unique in survivalist postings.

As a vast majority in the first world, and a global majority now live in urban settings, I consider Selco's writings to be indispensable for those who do not rule out calamity, whether local or global in scale. But be cautioned: it is appropriately very rough going.

Spoiler Alert: Selco's considered opinion is that urban survival is a matter of desperate last resort. Consider rural relocation and acquiring relevant skills and outfit. His case is presented at Reading further will help 'flesh out' the debate, as it were.

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