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Daniel Dennett quotation

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:45 am
by Bruce Mardle
I've just read an interview with philosopher Daniel Dennett (in 'New Scientist'): ... te-colony/
Not particularly impressed with most of it, but I thought the folks here would like this paragraph:
I don’t think people realise how incredibly brittle the technology that we depend on is. If the internet goes down today, we’d be in a world of chaos. I’m worried about the first 48 hours, about people just going berserk if they don’t have the internet. They are not going to have TV, they are not going to have radio stations probably, their cellphones will fail. They are going to be plunged into electronic darkness and scared out of their wits. After all, they have just been plunged back into the 19th century, and frankly they don’t have the skills to cope.