Link to Instructables (or the like)

Link to Instructables (or the like)

Postby mcpublic » Sun Jun 14, 2015 12:16 pm

I recently met a chemist. My first thought was, maybe she can help figure out how to make some of the chemical processes safe and accessible enough to try at home or in schools. There is already at least one web site with a thriving "subscriber base" that offers the publishing framework for people to share their successful tips and "maker" recipes: [url][/url]. One thing that is missing from the Instructables web site IMHO is the request-and-encouragement side of the equation, which is something your book and its web-based resources can bring to the table. The extended outline I am excited about could provide invitations to do experiments yet untried and links to tips and instructions that are successful. Even un-successful attempts are worth sharing with the community. I call it "the school of soft knocks."
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