20150903 Buy and Island: Example of Action to Support

Re: 20150903 Buy an Island: Gun running enterprise

Postby tahanson43206 » Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:35 pm

In reply to Billy ...

This appears to be to be just good old "free enterprise" at work ...

http://patriotupdate.com/gun-running-gr ... -and-isis/

The article does contain support for warnings you have posted here earlier, about the intent of ISIS people to convert the world to Islam.

I liked the quote of the chap who wants to impose a tax on people who don't want to convert.

That would stimulate some pushback in populations who don't like taxes.

I think the real hangup is that while the problems of bad behavior around the world are recognized, no one wants to volunteer their children to fight it. The rule of thumb has always been to find a way to send someone else's children to risk death, injury or mental damage. The introduction of remotely piloted vehicles has changed the picture a bit, but I understand from reported interviews with UAV pilots that the mental stress is essentially the same as if they were on the scene when they pull the trigger.

Remotely piloted land combat systems are a logical extension of the UAV concept. They may well exist, but if they do, I've not heard of them.

The closest we've come is little crawlers that can operate with a joystick under the control of an operator a few hundred yards away. The logical extension of the UAV to land warfare is a small tank, able to do some serious damage.

For any reader who might be wonder, I am introducing this point in support of my overall theme, which is that it is far better to clean up the mess we have NOW, than to let it escalate into a global disaster.

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Re: 20150903 Buy and Island: Example of Action to Support

Postby germanforestgump » Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:56 pm

In which thread we discussed about creating settlements on floating elements?
Here is an example of a "Housing Ship", but integrated in the infrastructure of a big harbour city like Hamburg:

http://www.foerdernundwohnen.de/nc/wohn ... blick.html
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Re: 20150903 Buy and Island: Example of Action to Support

Postby Billy » Tue Sep 15, 2015 3:31 pm


Reports vary. One source says 10,000 shotguns plus ammo. Another source cites that, and a second ship carrying 20,000 Kalashnikov AK47's and explosives. Now you cite a source that says 5,000...

After dealing so long with Government doublespeak and obfuscation, the only thing I can tell with any degree of certainty is that:

1) Weapons are being smuggled into Europe via Turkey or some other source (it's an open secret that there is a virtual anything-you-want weapons black market at the tip of the Black Sea - anyone with a boat and say, enough cash to buy a nice used BMW, can get pretty much anything).

2) The Greek government is likely downplaying the severity of the incidents and what they have captured for obvious reasons.

3) If weapons are currently being intercepted, then it is a forgone conclusion that some weapons have not been intercepted and are now spreading throughout Europe.

The only real question that is of any importance is "How many have the authorities missed?"... One of my favorite quotes of all time was from an anonymous Greek politician: "The job of government is not to tell the truth. The job of government is to instill confidence."... The Greeks are broke. Dead broke. Their ability to police their own borders and waterways has been seriously compromised. It wouldn't do to have them announce that particular fact over the air... or that weapons are flowing into Europe via their country because their ability to do their job has been compromised...

The movers and shakers in Europe probably know what's going on. They're probably keeping mum about it as well. Plus, the Greeks basically lied to the IMF and the EU banks to keep their loans going - if they lied about something as important as multiples of billions of Euros in loans, are they capable of lying now about what's flowing through their borders? I believe they are...

Of course, all this is just open speculation at this point...
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