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20180512 Magellan Thread

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Continuing with weekly update …

497 years ago, on this day Ferdinand Magellan is deceased. A massacre of officers and crew further reduced the complement of the expedition to 107. Only two ships remain of the original five.

Per Reference #1 on page lxii, for June 21st:
Begin Quotation:
21 June 1521: Victoria and Trinidad depart Palawan. They arrived at Brunei on the north-eastern coast of Borneo on 9 July.
End Quotation.

The quotation above is from the record given by Antonio Pigafetta, as summarized in the “Chronology of the Voyage”

Because this thread is following the expedition in “real time” (displaced by 497 years) it is my intention to continue following the crew as they struggled in the weeks and months ahead to secure the prize of spices for which they had sailed, and to return to Spain.

From Page 63 of Reference #1:
From words of Antonio Pigafetta:
Begin Quotation:
[106] At a distance of eighteen leagues from that island of Cebu, at the head of the other island called Bohol, we burned in the midst of that archipelago the ship Concepcion, for too few of us remained to man it, and we supplied the two other ships with best of its contents.
End Quotation.

Changing from the past to the future:
Given the need for human beings of the current age to enjoy a standard Earth gravity for well-being, and freedom from radiation that exceeds that found at sea level on Earth, there have been a number of ideas developed in greater or lesser detail to provide habitat suitable for deployment in vacuum. One of the guests on the Space Show was John B. Barber, who holds a patent for a system for magnetic suspension of vehicles for warehouse applications. It is possible to hear a recording of the interview by visiting www.thespaceshow.com and searching for Mr. Barber.

Broadcast 381 (Special Edition) | Sunday 04 Sep 2005
Broadcast 128 (Special Edition) | Saturday 21 Jun 2003

Google search: patents john b barber magnetic levitation

1) US5825105A - Magnetic levitation and systems for the support and ...
Inventor: John B. Barber: Duane B. Barber; Current Assignee ... Magnetic levitation has long been considered useful in the support of payloads by relying on …
5) About Us - MagneGlide
... a passive magnetic support (levitation) technology, developed and patented by Modern Transport Systems Corp. founder and President John Barber. The first ...

http://www.magsupport.com/ << This web site is still active as of 2018/05/12 The sites shows large sliding doors which move more freely than conventional ones.

I am intrigued by the possibility of combining elements of the Stanford Torus with elements of Dr. O'Neill's cylindrical space habitat designs, and using Mr. Barber's magnetic suspension method to provide a friction-free runway for living quarters moving inside a torus made of asteroid material. If such a habitat were constructed in the rings of Saturn, for example, there would be plenty of raw material available with which to assemble the radiation shield around the passage for moving vehicles.

In the present day, Elon Musk is encouraging development of a transportation network that would include vehicles traveling inside partially evacuated tubes. This idea reminds me of Dr. Gerard O'Neill's vision of something similar, which he imagined might be built to provide high speed transportation between cities.

In the case of the habitat to provide radiation shielding and a standard gravity for human occupants, vehicles would travel inside a torus made of odds and ends of material collected from the vicinity. The radiation blocking material would be under no stress other than microgravity, so it would be contained by nets or lines where practical. Meanwhile, the tube within which the habitat carriages would run would be constructed to withstand the stress of the weight of the moving carriages.

This concept could be applied on the surface of the Moon or Mars, or on smaller moons such as Phobos.

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