ny times oped

ny times oped

Postby jonlewis » Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:28 pm

I enjoyed your oped yesterday. I'm a father with three boys who for the last seven years have take them from their city life to the woods and lakes north of Toronto for a weekend of canoes and tents. It's an experience close to how you describe in your article, living from the land on the simple basics. Not a month goes by when we're back in the city that they don't reflect on our few days away from civilization and I'm always proud of what they (and me) take away from that experience. I like to kid myself that if the apocalypse were to happen I'd be ready because of my three nights in the woods a year:) Your article made me think of that time spent with my children, more precious as they grow up. So for that, I thank you!
Jon Lewis
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