Elon Musk vs. AI

Elon Musk vs. AI

Postby Bruce Mardle » Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:14 pm

I can't remember if Dr Dartnell mentioned an artificial intelligence takeover as a possible end to (human) civilisation, but there's an interesting article about it from 'Vanity Fair':
It's over 8,000 words but it has interviews with several people, not just Musk.

It's strange that Musk doesn't seem to be worried about our brains being on-line!

'[Stuart] Russell said. “... it’s so obvious that a machine will have self-preservation even if you don’t program it in because if you say, ‘Fetch the coffee,’ it can’t fetch the coffee if it’s dead. So if you give it any goal whatsoever, it has a reason to preserve its own existence to achieve that goal. And if you threaten it on your way to getting coffee, it’s going to kill you because any risk to the coffee has to be countered..."': Just program in Azimov's 3 rules (I never liked Rule 0): protect humans, obey humans, protect yourself. Just remember never to say, "I'd kill for a coffee!".

"I babbled about the heirs of Klaatu, HAL, and Ultron...": Ermm... the robot was Gort. :)
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